Mars rocks is a framework for multi-disciplinary projects, with the planet Mars as a connector between science, art and public culture - on earth. The ongoing and planned scientific missions to the red planet serve as an inspiration. They are also playfully questioned about their message for our planet.

Wood sculpture by Thomas Hachtmann, Berlin 2004

Mars rocks manifests in projects that feature a particular combination of elements. Its label does not necessarily appear in front of these expressions.

The background of Mars rocks is in the fine arts. Work here is often characterized by smaller budgets on one hand, an individual perspective that is not easy to focus on a common goal on the other hand.
From this context we seek contacts and synergies with science and economy and their particular cultures, represented by participants with experience in these fields. The events being organized out of this concept appear in the public space and seek to integrate with public culture.

The idea was triggered in a discussion in the german Mars Society: How to best bring the US' Mars analog stations over to Europe? These are maintained by the Mars society in the Utah desert and the Arctic as public relation projects.
As a statement and an illustration that the challenges lie more in the cultural than technical aspects a first Mars rocks event was organized in 2004 in Berlin:

Party at the beach around the Habitat At "Oststrand", an empty sand field beneath the former Berlin wall, a specially designed Habitat was built up. For two weeks it served as a living place, illumination tent, gallery and logistics center. The program included live crafted sculptures, performances, specially composed electronic music, parties, spacefood, wireless-beach and a robotic "Lego" contest.

The next and larger events with a focus on community cooperation will happen in 2008 and 2009 in Cologne: An art exhibition and music presentation from 29th August until 6th September including a workshop as a preparation for next years event. In 2009 a number of similar projects will cooperate on separate places in the city's public space. Architecture and education will come into focus as well as european and international social networking.

Bernd vd Brincken, March 2008

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