The journey to Mars starts on Earth.
From July 17 until 31, 2004, a simulated 'habitat' lands in Berlin, at the 'oststrand' (east beach), directly beneath the wall that once separated west Berlin from the communist east block.

Latest plans from NASA and ESA suggest a manned Mars mission within 20 years. Mars analog stations have been simulating various aspects of such a Mars station, like those installed in Utah and the Arctic by the Mars Society.
In addition to the experience gained in technical and scientific aspects, the analog stations draw the public attention towards the quest for Mars.

Now the Berlin station shifts the focus away from the scientific field over to the cultural and social conditions for a real mission. Instead of searching fossiles in rocks we imagine a future culture that will drive human beings to go to Mars. The 'Mars rocks' project starts research on this culture, in the fields of music, art, engineering and debate.
There will be specially composed electronic music, sessions from the local DJ scene, a live chainsaw sculpture, an on-site as well as on-line conference, a robot contest, space-food and more.

The program can be found on the web (in german) at:

Organizer of the project is a group of culture activists that will continue to promote the manned Mars mission under the label 'Mars rocks'.
Contact information can be found on Impressum.

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Mars rocks | oststrand - Muehlenstr. / ostbahnhof | Berlin, Germany